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     Of all of the time honored wedding traditions, the wedding cakes is my favorite. Perhaps because of the endless variety of breathtaking decorations, perhaps it's the symbolic gesture of a new couple sharing some treasured sweetness with all whom have gathered to celebrate them, perhaps it's because 90% of all couples swear that they are not going to smear the dessert all over their new spouse and yet 75% of them still do! It might be one of those things, but it's probably mostly because wedding cakes just happen to be some of the finest, most dazzling and yummiest cakes ever!       

         So, the big question is... what kind of wedding cakes do you like? There are round wedding cakes, square wedding cakes, multi-shape wedding cakes, and even wedding cup cakes!

        To help you decide I have put together a variety of wedding cake pictures showing a number of wedding cake designs and wedding cake decorations that might be just what you need to even start to decide. The kind of cake you have is all up to you, but whatever you do, it's sure to be special through and through.

      Once you have a good idea of the style of wedding cake that you are interested in, simply contact me and then finally, comes the fun part... schedule a tastings with me and taste for yourself my samples. This is one of the most fun tasks in the wedding planning process, so make a day of it and have a good time. Remember, you are a princess and on your wedding day you become Queen. This is your turn to say "Let them eat cake!"


Crystal Anderson

Valdese, NC


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